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by Hollaback on April 20, 2010 · 1 comment

I posted this on my own blog yesterday, but I figured it would reach more people if I posted it here as well.  There will be a part 2 coming up soon on my blog too.  Enjoy!


Do you remember those “choose your own adventure” books that were all the rage back in the day?  (If not you are super young and please don’t tell me because I will feel old.)  I had a love/hate relationship with these books.  I loved that there could be so many different outcomes based on the choices I made… yet I hated that at the same time because I wanted to know all of the possible outcomes!  Some of those books were nearly impossible to get all the outcome combination, so once I read one I really liked I’d usually put the book down for awhile.

I partially blame these books for why I ate making important decisions.  😆

I’m bringing these books up for a few different reasons.  First of all, because lately I’m living my life in the same manner as I read those books.  I make a decision, and if I don’t like the outcome, I go back and try something different to create a new story.  I know I am not stuck with just one storyline and refuse to settle for a crappy ending.

In the past couple years I have made a lot of big decisions (especially regarding career).  I’ve changed my mind, tried new routes, and continue to take myself on crazy journeys trying to figure out a “happy ending”.  Have I made some bad decisions?  Yes.  Do some people think I’m crazy for things I’ve done?  Oh, yes.  But I’ve also made some great decisions, have a huge amount of support, and I am doing what I need to do to make myself happy.

It is my life, and I am living it the way I think is best for me.

Which brings me to my next topic: do not let anyone else choose your adventure. Or in other words, do not let others choose what path you take and where your life goes. Your parents, teachers, friends, co-workers – they all might give you ideas of things they think would be good for you in your life, but remember – they are just their ideas, you don’t have to choose them!

I let this happen for way too long.  I never wanted to disappoint anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, and I’d often make decisions based on what I thought others would think of me if I did (or didn’t do) something.    I let things like guilt and fear of conflict/confrontation control my life decisions for way too long.  Not anymore.

I still sometimes get nervous to tell people about new decisions because of their possible reactions, but in the end I know whatever decision I have made is mine and is what is right for me in the current moment.

It is your life.  YOU are the one who has to live it and live with the outcome of the decisions made.  So why shouldn’t the decisions of where your life goes be yours?  Don’t let anyone else choose your life adventure.

And always remember, you have the ability to change your mind and create a new storyline and happy ending for yourself at any time.  There is never just one ending when you chose your own adventure.  😉

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janetha g. September 20, 2010 at 6:17 pm

holy crap. i totally forgot about those books! THANKS!
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