Don’t Feel Guilty…If You’re Broke

by Kendra on June 30, 2010 · 2 comments

One of the things that I pride myself on is knowing when to spend, when to splurge, and when to get it free. This is because I am poor. Being pretty much up to my eyeballs in hospital bills and student loans, I don’t have much cash to play with.

Whether or not you want to discuss your socioeconomic status on your blog, don’t feel out of place. You may not shop organic or have your own running shoes…and that’s okay! You don’t have to be affluent to have a great healthy living blog.

I’ll bet I’m not the only one out there who has drooled over fitness swag that I can’t afford (umm… anyone want to send me a free BodyBugg to review???) or scoured the papers for sales so I can buy my favorite natural and low sugar yogurt for 50 cents less (found it!).

If you too shop at three different grocery stores just to save money and find the cheapest products, shop at discount stores, and take the bus (despite owning a car) due to the price of gas, then see this as a blogging gift. You have huge amounts of insight to offer to others like us…and even our more monied friends. Because they too would like to save money!

While I work two jobs to support my headband and jewelry habit, you may have great tips about how to afford replacing your wardrobe every time you drop a size (besides shrinking your favorite pants by drying them for an extra hour, which I did last week).

I know it’s hard to see other bloggers getting Garmins, BodyBuggs, swank fitness club memberships, fancy foot gear, private sessions with personal trainers, and fresh food delivered right to their doors. I totally feel blog envy several times a week and think about what fun fitness toys I’d buy “If I was a Rich Girl”…but I’m not and that’s okay.

We can all think of someone we know who uses time and money as excuses to not make healthy changes. As a health or fitness blogger you are in a perfect position to talk about how you do make healthy changes on a strict budget. About a month ago I gave some tips on how to deal with time and money for that very reason and because I don’t have much of either. Ashley from Fashionably Fit also wrote a post with some good information about how weight loss doesn’t have to be expensive. I use her tips a lot, in fact.

The best advice I’ve ever heard about how to deal with the things you are not too confident about is to own it, totally own it. There’s nothing wrong with a little shamelessness. There is something wrong with a lot of shamelessness, though.

Here are some guidelines for navigating the money minefield whether you’re “Cheap Chic” or “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

DO tell about steals and deals you snagged; we all want to know and if you get a killer deal you totally have bragging rights. DON’T gloat about your expensive swag. Rich or poor, this never looks good.

DO put up a few ads and make some money from your blog. No one will begrudge you for this. You’ve put long and hard effort into it and it’s okay to get a little return. DON’T make your blog look like an ad collage. I will never come back, nor will many others. Also NO pop-ups please. Your blog should not feel like spam.

DO accept free stuff. I’m a gold digger at heart and I gasp at the idea of turning down any gift offered. Don’t feel bad about taking stuff. DON’T constantly drop hints about stuff you want. I’m bad about this and have to censor myself often. You can talk about the things you want but don’t let it feel like your blog is turning into a letter to Santa. (Unless you are, in fact, writing a letter to Santa.)

DO tell your secrets for getting things cheap, free, or how to make it yourself. I love these articles and this sort of service is priceless. DON’T pretend that you’re getting people really good deals in your Open Sky shop. Some of the “deals” I see on people’s blogs are still more expensive than buying things direct.

DO give honest, cautionary tales if you’ve struggled with spending. Melissa wrote an admirable post about how blogging put her in the poor house. DON’T throw a pity party.

DO be your awesome self rich or poor. DON’T be ashamed of your socioeconomic status no matter what it may be. You’ve got a blog and something to say. DON’T let your differences from other bloggers keep you from contributing your unique point of view to the blogging world.

Today I’m raising my plastic flute of Andre’s Champagne to toast us all. Cheers!

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Nicole June 30, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Seriously. I am in the midst of finding a job, so I don’t have any extra money to spend on anything! I don’t buy into the frills of the blogging world at all. Though sometimes I would like to. But, when it comes to being healthy what you really need most of all is your happiness. And exercise can be done for free.
Nicole´s last post ..Tackling Quinoa The Saga Continues

Lisa June 30, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Weight loss does not have to be expensive at all! Running and hiking or biking are all free if done outside!
Lisa´s last post ..Historic Hood River Dinner

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