Put Your Money Where Your Blog Is

by Meredith on August 2, 2010 · 2 comments

Did you know your blog is an investment?? Well it is! Every time you write a new post, tweak your “About me” section, or take a picture you are investing in your blog. I certainly didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I started my blog and what an investment it was. Whether you’re an old pro who or someone new just starting a blog, it is important to consider the investment you’re making with your blog. So…what is the cost of writing a blog?

First, you pay the cost of hosting. If you own your own domain, you’re likely paying a yearly hosting fee. Now this isn’t terribly expensive, and if you have a small sponsorship, it is made up quickly so you do get a return on that investment.

But your blog is possibly costing you in other ways.

For instance, if you feel the pressure to own a nice camera to compete with other DSLR-using bloggers, you may save up to buy that camera. It may not be done consciously, but buying that camera is investing in your blog. So is buying a trendy packaged food to review, like coconut oil or yogurt. Many bloggers, including yours truly, feel pressure to buy fancy health food and special products being talked about by other bloggers. It’s OK if you’re broke — but it’s also OK if you decide to invest in your blog.

Writing a blog is also an investment of time. Most of us aren’t doing this professionally, but because it is important to us and because it is a passion of ours. We’re taking time out of our own lives and investing it in our blog, hoping to gain a return of readers, continuing to enjoy writing, and the hope of meeting other bloggers with similar interests and passions. It may be a positive or negative thing to you, but it takes time away from our private lives as we pause to snap a photo or take time out of our day to write our latest post and respond to reader emails. It can take away from our work lives too. Is the four hours a week you spend blogging four hours a week you could spend working for money? Some new bloggers may be unprepared for this time investment and should know up front that a successful blog is a busy blog.

So should you invest in your blog? Yes! For me, a blog is a hobby and a passion so I’m likely to invest in it just as I would another hobby. If your hobby is golf, you’ll buy a new club now and then, won’t you? So investing in your blog will reap the same benefits as investing in any other hobby. Your level of investment will vary based on your own life, your money situation, and where you want to take your blog. Don’t feel bad buying that $9 almond butter. If you really want it and want it to contribute to your blog, do it and enjoy every tasty bite of your investment!

While I am very happy to have made the investment, I consider my portfolio on occasion and take a look at what it is costing me and where it is taking me. I used to post three times a day – that was a huge investment of time!! After some careful re-evaluation, I know where to put my money, so to speak, and I’ve found my own balance that works for me.

Whether you’ve been writing for a long time or you’re new to the game, consider what you want to invest in your blog to make it a success! How much of an investment do you want to make? What kind of stock do you want to hold in the blog world?

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Lisa August 2, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Writing a blog is a lot more time-consuming than I thought it would be. I also agree with the costs…I want a new camera but just can’t afford it right now. So I’m stuck using a cheaper one.
Lisa´s last post ..Cannon Beach- Oregon

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