Attention, Bloggers! Stop Sipping the Haterade!

by Meredith on October 18, 2010 · 17 comments

The following is a public service announcement brought to you by Hollaback Health in regards to your mental health.

Do you often find yourself visiting a blog that you honestly just can’t stand to read? Do you roll your eyes at the bad jokes of the author? Do you resent the blog and find it an annoyance to the blog world? If so, then you may be suffering from hate-following.

Every day, thousands of readers and bloggers alike fall prey to this condition, and it must be stopped. Hate-following is a condition that occurs when you continuously return to a blog and read it, even though you have previously sworn off said blog or do not like the message that the author is sending.

The causes of this condition are unknown, but likely related to the same phenomenon that causes Facebook stalking of ex-boyfriends and frenemies. Experts believe that hate-following has to do with competition between blogs and a constant need to make sure that you still, in fact, hate that blog.

Do you think you or someone you love might be experiencing hate-following?

Symptoms of hate-following include:

  • “Spying” on a blog by staying constantly in-the-know about the blog and not actually reading for enjoyment
  • Occasionally (um, daily) checking a blogger’s Twitter account to see if they’ve posted anything particularly juicy
  • Reading posts daily but rolling your eyes and asking yourself why you’re reading it the whole time
  • Scanning blogger gossip on Twitter to hear about the blogs you love to hate
  • Checking on the blog in secret and hiding from other bloggers that you still read that blog
  • Finding yourself trying to one-up something a blog you hate-follow has recently done

If you suspect you suffer from hate-following, the swiftest cure is to simply delete the blog from your reader or bookmarks. Cease and desist. Another way is to remind yourself that the other blogger gets additional hits and sponsor money for your visits. Remind yourself how reading the blog makes you feel (angry, jealous, enraged, pissed off, etc)…and then stop doing it.

We suggest you take that valuable time you spend reading blogs you don’t like and put it into the BTB time on your own blog. In that case, everybody wins.

For the public health and mental sanity of all bloggers and blog readers out there, please do yourself a favor and stop hate-following. Together, with the support of your blogger friends, we can overcome this crippling condition.

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