Don’t Feel Guilty If…You Have Real Friends

by Hollaback on January 6, 2011 · 27 comments

[Today we have a guest post from Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers on blog friends and real-life friends! Enjoy!]

One of the very best things about blogging is forming relationships with readers and other bloggers. It keeps the community thriving and allows for like-minded people to learn from each other, share ideas, and even meet up in person.

If you follow a lot of blogs, you’ve likely noticed that many bloggers hang out with other bloggers…a lot.

The other day I found myself feeling a bit insecure over all of the inter-blog world friendships. It seems like so many bloggers only hang out with other bloggers. And every time they are describing their outings, they can link to the names of all of their friends.

I started to feel a little left out.

I can’t link to my friends. They don’t have blogs! Am I missing something? When I say I hung out with my friends Merri and Laurel, I can’t link to their sites. Perhaps I should link Merri’s name with the non-existent… Throw up a broken link so people think I’m super cool and have blogger friends too!

When I started to really think about what I was feeling, I realized I was being ridiculous. I absolutely LOVE my friends. They have NO clue what healthy living blogs are, and that’s OK. Readers will look at pictures from a night out with my friends and not recognize a single person in my pictures. But I will. And I will know about their families, their love lives, and that crazy drunken night in college that they’ll never live down.

I am not saying blogger friendships are silly, because I don’t mean that in the least! I think it’s wonderful that people have made lasting friendships based on common interests that can be fully attributed to blogging. I have attended several blogger meet-ups and can honestly say the women I’ve met are fantastic people.

But I am saying that if you are a blogger, it’s OK to want to hang out with your non-blogging friends. When it comes to blogging about these friends, be sure to include their name in your post. If they’re a good friend of yours, they will likely show up on your blog again and again, and your readers want to know the important people in your life. Including a simple line about how you know the person helps your readers understand how this person fits into your life. For example, saying “My friend, and former sorority sister, Merri,” gives your readers a head’s up that you know this friend from college.

So don’t feel guilty if you have to miss a blogger meet-up to go to hang out with the friends you’ve known for years. They’re pretty darn fantastic too! And please don’t feel left out if you weren’t invited to the latest blogger meet-up in your city. You’re still pretty darn cool — and a good blogger — even if you were left off the invite list.

Julie eats peanut butter from the jar with her fingers. She double dips and is proud of it.

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