What Does It All Mean? Finding Your Blog’s Big Picture

by Kendra on February 24, 2011 · 9 comments

When you write a post do you think about how that post will fit within your meta-narrative?

No? Not even a little? You don’t even know if your blog has a meta-narrative? Then…we need to talk. Pull up a chair and grab your bowl of oatmeal. Today, we’re going to talk about the meaning of life…well the meaning of your blog’s life anyway.

So, what is a meta-narrative exactly? It’s the overarching story that explains and gives merit to individual events or stories. Every culture, mythology, and worldview has a meta-narrative.

And…what exactly does this have to do with your blog?

Your meta-narrative determines the synopsis, the mission statement, and the structure of your blog.

In order for your blog to feel cohesive, you need to have a meta-narrative, especially if it is a multi-interest blog or if you do a lot of lifecasting. It sets the context for everything that you write. Even if you don’t do any lifecasting, your blog still does tell a story, and you need to decide what that story is going to be.

My meta-narrative is summarized in my blog’s tagline: “Weight loss through introspection and jogging in stilettos.” It means, “I’m going to tell you about my weight loss, the issues I deal with during weight loss, and my slightly crazy adventures in the meantime.”

When you’re choosing topics for future posts, think about how each of those fits into and contributes to your meta-narrative. Sometimes things just don’t fit in. If you blog about weight loss, there really is no feasible way to fit in a post about the linguistic structure of the Indonesian Language (not that I’ve tried in hopes that my junior project didn’t go to waste). Don’t worry, though — there are other ways to show off your nerdery.

You can put some of those things that don’t quite fit the meta-narrative of our blogs at first glance into a context that makes it totally appropriate. Ashley did this a few days ago when she discussed her engagement anniversary. AJ also did this when she wrote what is possibly the only cat post to actually have legitimacy in the healthy living blogosphere. She also got bonus points for having pictures of a cat in a stroller, I mean, OMG. And Marie just plain manages to make pretty much any topic seem totally and completely relevant.

Each of them approached the subject in a specific context and because of that, they were able to discuss something that seemingly had nothing to do with their meta-narrative and made it 100 percent relevant.

Using a meta-narrative can be a great way to mentally organize your blog. It’s a little looser than using specific categories and can have a more natural feel; the fact is, not everything in life fits into a specific category.

So take a minute and think about what you want your blog’s meta-narrative to be. Write it down. Now take a few more minutes to look through your blog posts over the last few weeks. Do these posts convey what you wrote down? Are they tied together by that theme? If not, what story do those posts tell and how does that compare?

Feel free to share your meta-narrative below! We’d love to read them!

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