Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm — Just Spell It Right

by Laura on March 11, 2011 · 24 comments

Here at Hollaback Health, we are ALL about expressing your enthusiasm. We love it when bloggers are excited about what they’re telling us. We relish being surprised (and seeing you get surprised) in your posts, and we want to get on the rooftop and holla along when you celebrate your health successes, fitness triumphs, and batches of cookies and scones gone right.

So let’s not curb our enthusiasm — let’s just spell it right!


If you’re about to surprise us and want to come on all French (maybe) and sophisticated (definitely), you want to be spelling it “Voila.” If you can get the accent grave at the end of the word (so it looks très chic — “voilà!”), so much the better, but don’t sweat that — it’s the spelling that matters. “Voala,” “wah-la,” “walla,” “vuala,” even “viola”…. Sorry, but these just aren’t correct.


When you tell us that you just had the hardest training session and lifted your own body weight in a stinky weight room full of oily muscle-men while smelling the enticing double whammy of eau de cheap toilette and stankness, let’s all say “whoa.” We see “woah” all the time, but “whoa” is the right spelling… unless you want to say “woo hoo,” “woot woot,” or “Holy mother[insert expletive here], I am an iron machine.”

None of us wants our spelling snafus to overshadow our amazing feats of sassiness — and we can bet you don’t, either!

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