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by Rachel on October 8, 2011 · 4 comments

I’m very proud of all we’ve done so far on Hollaback Health and two days before our new “season” kicked off, I got some very exciting news — Hollaback was nominated for a Best Blogger Award from Shape Magazine! If you’re feeling generous today, you can vote for us.

I’m so proud of all the posts my talented, thoughtful, ballsy, and always-changing group of Hollaback girls has come up with over the past 18 months; this seems like a perfect time to share our greatest hits!

One of my favorite features that Hollaback does regularly is our Don’t Feel Guilty If... series. I’m vehemently opposed to women feeling guilty all the time, and I know that guilt is very prevalent in the health blogging community. It’s part of the reason people take up running, stop eating meat, and stick with the status quo on their blogs. It’s also why people feel ostracized or like they don’t fit in this community. We firmly believe that you can do your own thing unapologetically and still have an awesome blog. 

Here are some of our best Don’t Feel Guilty If… posts:

You Aren’t White

Everything In Moderation Isn’t Your Strong Suit

You’re Not Straight

You Love Your Body But Don’t Weigh 120 Lbs.

We are passionate about better writing; we believe that how we write is as important as what we write. Bloggers should put in the effort to their writing, plain and simple.

Here are some top posts on improving your writing:

Spellcheck Yo-self

The Art of Storytelling

Putting a Cap on Your Recaps

Read Your Own Blog

In Which We Ban the Word “Amazeballs”

See all of our Grammar Grabs posts

With great blogging comes great responsibility. Hollaback is all about responsible blogging and we have tackled this topic again and again. 

Here are some great Please Blog Responsibly posts:

The Hunger Diaries

What to Do When Thinspiration Strikes

When In Doubt, Blog?

We also know that the lack of responsibility might have to do with outside influence — mainly the women’s health magazines and other media that many bloggers look to for inspiration. We’re proud to call BS when necessary. 

Here are posts we love about media mishaps: 

Driven to Drink…by Health Magazines’ Holiday Issues

Code Red to Magazines: Stop With the Fat Talk

Why Inspiration Should Beat Thinspiration in a Smack Down

Happy Hour: Women’s Health Magazine Style

The Hollaback bloggers see themselves as older sisters who have been around the block a few times (in a good way) and want to pass on their advice to new bloggers or bloggers who haven’t found their voices yet. 

Here are some of our best posts on getting started:

Lifecasting vs. Mindcasting

Finding Your Voice

Learning the Blogging Lingo

Making BTB Time

Post More Often and Feel Less Guilty

How to Update Your “About” Page Without Losing Your Mind

See all of our I Did It All for the Rookie posts

Hollaback Health was formed in part from conversations about ways bloggers represent themselves — not always positive. 

Here are some of the posts in which we tackle your image:

What Your Tweets Say That Your Blog Does Not

Five Reasons You Need to Stop With the Passive-Aggressive Tweeting Already

How to Ask Your Readers to Vote For You Without Annoying Them

The #1 Question to Ask Before Accepting Swag

Falling Victim to Group Think

Reviews and Freebies

Open Sky

How to Complain On Your Blog Without Sounding Like a Spoiled White Girl

Five Ways to Give a Better Giveaway

While we’re on the topic of stupid shit bloggers do that makes them look bad, let’s talk about the way we interact with our readers and each other. 

Here are some of our favorite posts about mean girls:

They See Me Bloggin’…They Hatin’…

Confessions of a Commenting Whore

Sweet ‘n’ Low Comments

Courteous Blogging 101

Call Off the Dogs!

Who Needs Fraitors and Frenemies When You Can Have (Gasp!) Friends?

Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Negative Comments Series: Nine Ways to Avoid Negative Blog Comments, How to Respond When You Get Negative Comments, and 13 Ways to Relish Your Next Negative Comment

We know that there is more to your blog than what’s on the inside; what’s outside counts too! 

Here are our best posts on making your blog look good:

Shed New Light on Your Blog’s Photos

Ten Things to Know When Switching from Blogger to WordPress

Playing Just the Snippet (Just for a Second…Just to See How it Feels)

Help Your Readers Comment in Blogger

The Cost of Writing a Blog

Stop Linking So Damn Much!

Get a Gravatar

Making the Most of a Cheap Camera

SHAPE.com wrote about Hollaback:

Part of what we love about this blog is the tight-knit community of writers, and the way they don’t shy away from the important issues such as the role, both positive and negative, that bloggers play in the healthy-living community.

Looking at this post and that quote makes me pretty damn proud. If you dig us and what we do, remember to vote for us. (No login/signup necessary!) Or (actually I guess I’d prefer AND in this case) just keep reading, commenting, and making us blog!


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Kristina @ spabettie October 8, 2011 at 6:23 pm

I was SO HAPPY to see you on the list. VOTED.
Kristina @ spabettie´s last post ..vegan sweets on parade

Stephanie October 9, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Thanks for all of the links! I’m relatively new to your blog, having added you to my reader this summer. I’m looking forward to reading some of your past posts. I loved this: “How we write is as important as what we write”.
Stephanie´s last post ..Be My Guest: Recipe For Health

Angela October 9, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Whoo hoo! Congrats ladies. I am honored to have once been a part of this great group! Keep on keepin’ on!
Angela´s last post ..A storm’s a-brewin’

Erica @ goodhappyfit October 9, 2011 at 3:42 pm

This is great! I voted for you guys and I see that you are kicking ass in the competition. I’ve been blogging for a while but only recently have I been inspired to start “taking it more seriously,” I guess you could say. Hollaback Health has been super helpful so far and I can’t wait to dig through all of these “Greatest Hits” posts this week! Thanks!
Erica @ goodhappyfit´s last post ..Late dinner.

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