Please Blog Responsibly

Now that Lent is has just ended, it brings to mind the topic of blogging about our religious food restrictions and exercise routines. Lent season can seem like New Years 2.0. Thousands of people are declaring that they are going to not eat sweets, cut back on alcohol, or start a new exercise routine all […]

On March 11, I was running on the treadmill while watching the morning news when the headlines of the tsunami in Japan flashed. I felt completely lost on what to do or how to help. My bitching about dragging myself out of bed to exercise that morning seemed trivial and stupid. Sometimes, I feel like […]

Whether it’s the cabbage soup diet (I cringe to picture what one’s urine smells like from that) or the grapefruit diet or Snooki’s cookies or low carb or the no carbs left behind diet plan, fad diets have always held a prominent spot in the media and, like the Biebs, don’t seem to be disappearing […]

When In Doubt, Blog?

by Bess on February 18, 2011 · 11 comments

Part of the fun and catharsis of blogging is having an open forum to runteldat. And there’s something to be said for having the courage to publish personal details about their lives in such a public manner. But more often than not, the HOW or WHY you tell something is more important than WHAT you […]

How to Blog if You ARE an Expert

by AJ on December 6, 2010 · 6 comments

We’ve discussed how to know whether or not you are a credible source, how to determine who is a credible source, and how to write about a passion or a hobby even when you’re not an expert. But all these topics assume you are not an expert on the topics discussed in your blog. But…some […]

When I read some of the comments posted and other blog posts about The Hunger Diaries, I kept coming across the same statement. “It’s not the blogger’s fault; it’s the reader’s responsibility.” The Hollaback Girls disagree. Yes, we should all be adults and make our own decisions. But the fact is, we write our blogs, […]

In the health blog world, we share plenty of information with one another. We talk about last night’s meal, this morning’s workout, or last weekend’s shenanigans.  And we also like to give advice. Lots and lots of advice. From “Try this easy recipe!” to “Do this workout if you want your ass kicked!” we’ve all  stumbled across […]

As I said before, my day job is an engineer. Which, right now, consists of looking up past studies to get a good background on a topic. Looking at different articles and journals day in and day out is only made efficient by being able to weed out the not-so-credible studies. Health studies are no […]

Repeat after me: I am a brand. I am a brand. I am a brand. Just like Nike, Apple, Under Armour, or the Mom and Pop deli down the street, you are your very own unique brand. As a blogger, the sum of our branded parts is usually 1) your blog, 2) your Facebook page, […]

You all know what I mean when I talk about “thinspired” readers. They’re the people who might not have the healthiest habits and maybe don’t read your blog as it was intended to be read. They might be looking to lose weight in ways that aren’t totally safe or healthy, and they might not really […]

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